Is it worth you $ 20,000 to make sure you get the loan?

It is certain that loan applicants may not get the amount they want. However, after paying the deposit or the down payment, or even signing the contract, this can be extremely unpleasant, as the buyer may lose hundreds of thousands of forints if he / she is unable to raise the necessary money. If you are afraid that this might happen to us, you may want to ask your preferred bank for a prior review.


Pre-examination fee is refunded when the loan is issued

Pre-examination fee is refunded when the loan is issued

Somewhere we can do this for free as the pre-examination fee is refunded when the loan is issued. After UniCredit, Erste will also offer a market-rate home loan for purchase from June 10. The credit assessment fee is HUF 20,000, but this will be refunded to the loan repayment account when the loan is disbursed.

But once you have found the best loan bank in our calculator, you should also ask for an advance check. The cost of this can be much less than a possible lost deposit.


When to Ask for a Pre-Own Appraisal?

  • If a significant portion of our salary is expected to be taken away by the installment payment, that is to say, 30-40 percent of the family’s total verified income is the foreseeable installment payment.
  • If most of our income comes from other sources.
  • We often change jobs, get paid, or are subject to special taxation.
  • We are in default on another loan or have a utility debt.
  • The loan amount is close to 80 percent of the value of the home.

If you are unsure , it may be worthwhile to ask for a pre-judgment even after you have found the apartment, as this will allow you to withdraw from the sale at least before the contract is concluded. This may be needed in addition to the ones listed above if the property is located in a less busy area or may be near a cemetery, high voltage site or for other reasons may be less attractive to banks. Since a credit institution may reject our application for virtually any reason, it is a good idea to be informed in advance.

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