Where do I request my credit card statement?


The statement or (statement) is a document that facilitates the payment management of your credit card. Therefore, it is essential for you to maintain a positive credit history, that you have this document in a timely manner. This article answer question you’re probably asking: where do I apply statement my credit card?

 Website of your financial institution


The answer is very simple: you can request your statement on the website of your financial institution. The online consultation option for your state is available at any time of any day of the year. And the best thing is that you can access it from anywhere in the world, where you can connect to the Internet.

How to access your online account statement?

How to access your online account statement?

Each financial institution has a particular configuration of its portal, although they are basically the same in its structure. With some small local variations, the procedure to request the account statement is as follows:

Enter the website of your entity, using your username and password. Some portals request other types of data, such as your debit card or electronic card number.

Once you enter, look for the credit card option, often located within the category cards.

Select the credit card that is of your interest, in case you keep several of them with the institution.

Select the option to check your credit card status , and the corresponding month, if requested. Some pages allow you to check your status directly on the screen, and others download them in PDF format. In some cases they give you the option to send the information via email, to your associated email address.

Measure of protection to your bank details, and therefore, to your money


After consulting the information, do not forget to log out of the portal , especially if you are connected to a public network. This as a measure of protection to your bank details, and therefore, to your money

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