Loan not approved: how to proceed in this situation?

Many times the financial crisis knocks on our door and we need to resort to bank loans. The money released on the loan is a relief to our budget and so we can reassure ourselves of debt and financial obligations. But what to do when the loan application is not approved by the financial institution?

This situation is quite common and the best way out is to understand the causes of loan denial. See this post for the main reasons why a bank denies a loan and how to find a solution that solves its problems quickly .

In what situations the loan may be denied

In what situations the loan may be denied

There are several issues that influence the decision to release or deny a personal loan. Each bank has its own lending methods considering several factors . Here are some examples of situations that influence lending:

  • Score;
  • CPF negated;
  • Outdated, wrong or incomplete data;
  • Personal profile (what you work with, marital status, family, etc.);
  • Employment stability;
  • Economic crisis;
  • Loan application with high values;
  • Among others.

That is, all this information is analyzed during your loan application request. Depending on the bank’s assessment and the client’s risk of default, the financial institution may deny or release the loan.

When it comes to an unapproved loan, the applicant often does not have feedback on the motivation of this negative. And to make matters worse, in most financial institutions the documentation review takes days or even weeks to know the outcome of the loan application.

If you have had your loan not approved and you do not know the motivation for this negative loan, see how private payroll loans can be the solution you are looking for .

How Private Payroll Loan Works

How Private Payroll Loan Works

The private payroll loan is intended for people with formal employment , that is, with employment contracts via CLT. Thus, the financial institution makes the loan available to the worker and has the guarantee of receipt, because the loan payment is discounted directly from the payroll.

For the release of the private payroll loan the company must have an agreement with the financial institution before you can apply for the loan. Therefore, if you have been denied your personal loan, it is best to seek your company’s HR and find out about getting a private payroll loan.

Do the entire online ordering process


One option that is being widely used and recognized for its efficiency is the online loan application . This mode facilitates the whole process of loan applications and speeds up the application so that you have the money in your account faster.

The private payroll loan online has the security of hiring , the convenience of ordering and sending documentation from a computer or mobile phone, and even less bureaucracy at the time of hiring .

This online loan modality is ideal for you who have had your loan not approved at another financial institution and need a quick and efficient way to get money.

Want to know more about private payroll loan online ? Check out our lending platform and see how we can be the solution you need. With us, loan release is without paperwork.

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