Which banks provide online lending services?

Probably, everyone will agree that it is much more convenient to get loans without leaving your home and with minimal effort. And if earlier such online lending was available exclusively for residents of foreign countries, then at the moment it is actively promoting in Ukraine. Where and how can I apply remotely? And which banks issue loans online?

Remote Lending Overview


Today it is not difficult to get a loan online. It is enough to have a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer, as well as access to the Internet. Thanks to the active development of this area in the financial sector, it is possible to obtain a loan remotely for almost any need. So, for example, you can take a bank loan to buy an apartment and a car, real estate, get a consumer loan, cash loan, open a card account, etc.

A large number of credit organizations providing such services are also pleasing. For example, you can take a loan online at banks, as well as non-banking institutions (MFIs, pawnshops, private individuals, credit unions). In addition, a lot of credit forums, portals and platforms appeared on the network, which feature a wide selection of financial institutions. Such resources increase the borrower’s chances of success, since the completed application is sent to several credit organizations at the same time.

The process of applying for a loan is also very attractive. As a rule, when filling out an application, the client must indicate:

  • your name and contact details;
  • availability of employment and place of work;
  • availability of registration and registration;
  • the amount and term of the loan.

Moreover, the procedure for obtaining a loan is also greatly simplified. The client writes an application, sends it and expects a response from the creditor within 10-15 minutes. At this time, the manager of the bank or non-banking organization calls back to the loaned person, clarifies the details and, with a favorable outcome of the events, tells how and where to get the loan money.

What are the benefits of lending online?

What are the benefits of lending online?

The main advantages of remote loan processing is the speed of making a decision on a loan, the presence of a simplified application system, a wide selection of loan products. In addition, you can get a loan online, being anywhere in the world, and you can get a loan directly to your home, in cash, on a card or electronic money to your wallet.

Another plus of such a loan is the wide opportunities that come off for a potential client. So, the borrower can not only choose a lender, a loan program, but also monitor interest rates, amounts and loan conditions. And an important point in this situation is the ability to manage your credit account in real time. For example, a client, after a simple registration procedure, can log into his personal account, repay a loan, and also monitor the status of a credit account.

Online loans allow people from 18 to 70 years old to receive money. In addition, such loans are issued on one or two documents. And they do not need guarantors, collateral and down payment.

Where can I get a loan online?

Where can I get a loan online?

A loan online can be issued at specialized credit services. For example, one of these is LightCredit. Here you can apply for a loan in just a minute and get a loan amount in national or foreign currency in the amount of up to 200,000 hryvnia. The loan term will be up to 5 years, and the interest rate – from 16% per annum.

The loan can be answered here within 20 minutes. This service allows you to draw up a consumer loan online, car loan, consumer loan secured, as well as a home loan. In this case, it is required to indicate in the loan application: TIN, name, type of loan, amount, currency, area of ​​actual residence, as well as the availability of employment, loan terms.

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